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Welcome to FCVA

Winter Indoor Coed 4s Volleyball Tournament

The tournament is in the books!    A big thank you to everyone who came out to this year's event, player and spectators, for making it a big success!!  Another big thanks to Coach Kevin Campbell and her Lady Ospreys Volleyball team for all their help.  The tournament would not have happened if not for there involvement.

So if you missed it, here is a quick recapped of how it turned out.  Four Courts, 20 teams, and nearly 10 hours of competition in UNF Arena.  Sounds good?  It was.  16 teams registered to compete in the "A" recreational division, but don't let the term "recreational"  mislead you, this was true competition.   The Underdogs (Francisco Duenas, Jessica Pate, Austin Fountain, Chris ?)made it to the championship match through the winner's bracket unscathed; while the Bad Apples (Andy White, Attie Kennelly, Chris Kennelly, Juan Jimenez) had to amend for a first match faulter and brave the contender's bracket, where another slip would mean elmination.  In the first game of the finals, it appeared the extra work for the Bad Apples to reach the finals was taking a toll, as the Underdogs took the first game, but in game 2 they proved again they were not done in a tightly contested battle, and the Bad Apples forced a game 3.  Unfortunately for the Bad Apples, the Underdogs had more game left.  Congrats to the Underdogs as they take the title 2-1.  In the Open division "Team Leon" (Noel Khirsukhani, Drew Vaughn, Lindsey Abbott, Andrew Mahaven) faced off against "Bang Balls" (Will Berdecia, Sarah Mikel, Austin Langiene, Janice Pressley, Nelson Felix) in the Open Championship match.  It only lasted 2 games but they were seriously hard fought games.  Unfortunately for Bang Balls they ended up on the short side of 22-20 twice, and Team Leon walked off the court as the Open champions of 2017.  Again, thank you to all the competitors, for being apart of the first FCVA event of 2017.  Se you on the beach this spring.


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